Holiday Happiness

Workshop #6

How to create a Stressless equicom personal loan interest rate and more Enjoyable Holiday season

Fall Timeframe

When to decorate the house?   Bake cookies?

Go shopping?   Plan a party?    Send cards?

Santa and stress seem to arrive together…every year! We’re overwhelmed with the holiday season approaching…from to-do lists to using square as cash advance school programs, there’s a filled calendar and a fixed deadline quickly approaching. Let’s make a plan:

*To make the holidays a snap with a new baby;

*To learn the art of juggling a happy home and family;

*To give great rates on personal loans yourself an extra mommy-time gift this holiday season.

The workshop will take you through a snapshot of the Carrie’s time management package, a present to insure that this is the season to feel confident, comfortable and in control!

Plus, you’ll bad credit no guarantor loan lenders take home Carrie’s special holiday solutions tools, including:

*Holiday Check List

*Holiday Countdown

*Holiday Gift Shopping List.

Good cheer to all as you relax and enjoy a true holiday season with family and friends. Ahh!