Holiday Happiness

Workshop #6

How to create a Stressless and more Enjoyable Holiday season

Fall Timeframe

When to decorate the house?   Bake cookies?

Go shopping?   Plan a party?    Send cards?

Santa and stress seem to arrive together…every year! We’re overwhelmed with the holiday season approaching…from to-do lists to school programs, there’s a filled calendar and a fixed deadline quickly approaching. Let’s make a plan:

*To make the holidays a snap with a new baby;

*To learn the art of juggling a happy home and family;

*To give yourself an extra mommy-time gift this holiday season.

The workshop will take you through a snapshot of the Carrie’s time management package, a present to insure that this is the season to feel confident, comfortable and in control!

Plus, you’ll take home Carrie’s special holiday solutions tools, including:

*Holiday Check List

*Holiday Countdown

*Holiday Gift Shopping List.

Good cheer to all as you relax and enjoy a true holiday season with family and friends. Ahh!